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Doctor In The House - Format

60 min episodes

One month. One life-changing doctor's examination.

What would a Doctor discover if they lived with you?

How much would you be willing to reveal?  Would they be shocked by what they find?

This factual entertainment format from Studio Lambert sees families struggling with their health invite a doctor into their lives for a month to undergo the medical appraisal of a lifetime.  Most doctors only see their patients for 10 minutes in the consulting room – what will they find when they can follow them 24 hours a day?

The Doctor investigates every aspect of their lives by living alongside them; following them to work, relaxing at home, eating together and even staying overnight to observe their sleep patterns.

These assessments, alongside a series of medical tests, allow the Doctor to give an in-depth, hard-hitting diagnosis, on a series of conditions from severe back pain to migraines, diabetes and food phobias.   The Doctor then launches a full-scale campaign to address the issues and turn around any unhealthy lifestyles.  Emotions run high as simple changes can bring about truly life-changing results.

In a development to the format, in the fourth series in Denmark, the Doctor goes in to the system to look at the health of individuals in public institutions, from Schools, Hospitals, and Old People’s Homes to Prisons and even Parliament itself.  How can systems be improved for the health of the nation?




Danish TV Awards 2017 - Best Lifestyle Series Category (nomination)

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Studio Lambert for BBC One, UK

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