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George Gently, Inspector - Series 7

4 x 90 mins

The North of England's most upstanding detective, George Gently, returns to work the beat alongside his trusted partner, DS Bacchus. Together they investigate murder and corruption set against the turbulent tide of 1960s Britain.

Gently with the Women finds the inspector investigating the rape of a prostitute, examining how sexual assault is handled within the police force then and now. 

Breathe The Air follows an investigation into a GP’s suspected suicide. When Rachel Coles returns to the small village community that she grew up in, it stirs up tragic memories.

Gently Among Friends features the Wildcat riots as its backdrop, where rubbish is piling on the streets and a man is found dead. The victim was in a lot of debt – but who killed him and why? 

Son of a Gun sees Gently furious that guns are so easily accessible - and following an armed robbery he seeks to find the armed gang and bring them to justice, before more innocent people are shot.


Mystery Writers Of America - Best Television Episode Teleplay (Nomination)

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