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To Catch A Thief - Format

60 min eps

How secure is your home?

Revealing fascinating insights into the workings of the criminal mind, this eye opening format sees two ex-criminals coming together for one more job – but this time they are on the right side of the law.

In shocking television, the expert thieves commit a real burglary on the homes of unsuspecting victims in a mission to highlight security weaknesses, sending a chilling wakeup call to the home owners as they later watch the break in on CCTV.

The ex-cons then help the owners with a ‘crime make-over’ – a security audit of their homes to burglar-proof them from future break ins.

Weeks after the experiment, a final unannounced surprise break-in attempt from the two ex-cons test whether the security upgrade has done the trick, but have the home owners remembered to lock up?


BBC1 (UK) Discovery USA

Credit Line

Originally produced by Lion Television for BBC One, UK

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