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Nine Months Later - Format

60 min eps

Nine Months Later follows five couples as they embark on the most challenging journey of their life - the journey into parenthood. 

From the final stages of pregnancy to six months after birth, this observational character-led format gains unprecedented access to first time parents. It captures every tearful moment of anxiety to every life affirming moment of joy that only this life changing period can bring. 

Cameras are present at every crucial stage; from the idealistic expectations of parenthood to the unpredictable reality of birth. From the sleepless nights to the strain on relationships. For mum, the struggle to breastfeed and live up to the pressure of being ‘a good mum’. For dad, the battle to bond with baby, adjusting to a relationship where he now comes second... 

But the format also aims to capture the joy, tears, and overwhelming feelings of love that come when two people bring new life into this world. 

Nine Months Later is a revealing, honest, intimate format that offers a sometimes serious, sometimes funny review of that first six months that we’re all too tired to remember.


Sky Living (UK)

Credit Line

Originally produced by Spun Gold TV and Belotta for Sky Living, UK

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