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Cape Wrath

8 x 1 hour

Cape Wrath is the story of the Brogan family, & their new lives in their new luxury home. At first glance, they seem like a normal family – Danny & Evelyn, & their teenage twins Zoe & Mark, both 17, but we soon find out that in fact, the ‘Brogans’ are actually the Foys; they have been put onto a protective custody programme after Danny testified against the dangerous gangsters who had muscled in on the hip bar he used to run in central London. Protective custody involves the whole family being given new names, leaving behind friends & other family members & moving lock, stock & barrel to the exclusive, isolated community of Meadowlands; a 21st century earthly paradise; disease, drug & violence-free; a place where all is safe, where all is bubble-wrapped against the slings & arrows of urban life. At first, Meadowlands seems like the answer to all the family’s problems, & it really does seem to offer a fresh start for Danny & Evelyn’s marriage which was approaching a crisis point, & also for the deeply troubled & withdrawn Mark. However, the Brogans soon realise that beneath Meadowlands’ bland nouveau-riche exterior, lurks a rich seam of secrets. Secrets held tight by each & every one of its pleasant & seemingly well-balanced residents. Secrets behind the place itself; behind its past, present & most importantly its future.


"With a plot shrouded in secrecy and a cutting edge cast, Cape Wrath is set to be the TV event of the year" - Vogue

"Packed with mystery, weirdness, sex and violence" - Heat

Credit Line

Ecosse Television Productions for Channel 4, UK


David Morrissey (the Deal, State Of Play, Blackpool), Lucy Cohu (the Queen's Sister, Becoming Jane), Felicity Jones (northanger Abbey), Harry Treadaway (afterlife), Tom Hardy (Mad Max: Fry Road, Legend)


Robert Murphy


Caroline Levy. Executive Producers - Douglas Rae &  matthew Arlidge


Duane Clark (csi),

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