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Tudor Monastery Farm - Christmas

1 x 1 hour

Tudor Farm Christmas will provide a fascinating mixture of festive customs which have been long forgotten, seeming completely alien to us now, and others which are surprisingly familiar.

They had Christmas Carols, Christmas Dinner and exchanged presents. But they also had the Lords of Misrule, ate boars heads and their versions of Mince Pies and Christmas Puddings had mutton as the main ingredient. 

This one-off Christmas special will see the Tudor Monastery Farm team of Ruth Goodman, Tom Pinfold and Peter Ginn immerse themselves in a very different Christmas from the one we know today.

They will be recreating the Yuletide customs of the age – from religious observance to rampant game-playing – embracing a strange combination of religious devotion and good old pagan festivities

They will prepare the festive recipes of the era – from Boar’s Head to Plum Pottage - and they will be celebrating the three main feats of the period – Christmas Day, New Year’s Day and Twelfth Day/ Night

Central to it all will be the rural context of Tudor farming where everything needed for the celebrations must be drawn from the land – under the governance of their monastic landlords.

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Lion TV for BBC2, UK


Ruth Goodman And Peter Ginn

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