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Hope And Wire

6 x 1 hour

Inspired by true events, first-hand accounts and employing actual newsreel footage, this drama follows the aftermath of the Earthquakes that befell New Zealand’s Christchurch between 2010 and 2011, telling a universal story of family, hope and triumph against the odds.

It’s the aftershocks that run the deepest, bringing to the surface all the lies we tell ourselves and our loved ones, the things that truly matter to us, the compassion of the many and the selfishness of the few. Covering a cross-section of modern families, from the homeless pulling together to create a community, to the middle-class suburbanites whose world has been shaken to its foundations, Hope & Wire shows us at our most desperate and our most hopeful. Echoing true events with a candid and unflinching eye, see what emerges from the rubble.


"Deeply moving...crafted with a beautiful kind of gritty realism" - National Radio Review

"Powerful and provocative" - Avenues Magazine

"It's terrific" - New Zealand Herald

Credit Line

Screenworks for TV3, New Zealand


Bernard Hill


Gaylene Preston


Chris Hampson & Gaylene Preston


Gaylene Preston

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