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Only Way Is Essex, The - Series 11

2 x 60, 10 x 45

Bafta award-winning real time structured reality series where life is reimagined and story lined as soap… in record time!

Following the glamorous, fun lives and loves of a group of young beautiful 20-somethings within the golden triangle of Essex, The Only Way Is Essex is packed full of engaging and often hilarious characters and antics.

Each 45 minute episode is produced and aired virtually in the moment, with just three days from the first shot to transmission. Now entering its 11th UK series, the structured reality concept is proving a true phenomenon across the UK - consistently trending on twitter, and when on air producing more tweets per second than the X Factor final.

TOWIE continually wins its slot against other digital channels, and has seen its audience volume rise by 177% against the slot average for 16 to 34 yr olds, and 132% for individuals. Series 1 alone created a value of nearly £11 million in advertising value equivalency.

It’s the show that has made celebrities/stars of its cast - several of whom have gone on to have their own spin off shows across UK television – and has the nation hooked. It looks like drama, but this is reality. 


177% above slot average for 16 to 34 yr olds


BAFTA Awards 2011- YouTube Audience Award
National Television Award Nomination 2013 - Most Popular Entertainment Programme
National Television Award Nomination 2012 - Most Popular Reality Programme

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