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Paul Hollywood's Pies And Puds

20 x 45 Minutes

The UK's favourite baker, Paul Hollywood, invites you into his kitchen to learn how to bake with the maestro himself. Filled with the aroma of steaming hot pies and freshly baked desserts, and with a fridge full of the richest and ripest British ingredients, the series sees Paul passing on his skills, hint and tips to viewers at home and to guests in the kitchen.

Having started his career at his father’s bakery, Paul knows the value of learning at the hands of an expert. Over the course of this series, Paul shows us how to create every type of pastry, and reveals all the methods common in pudding making - from how to create the shortest pie crust to how to achieve the lightest steamed pudding.

Paul invites a host of special international guests and chefs into his kitchen, with appearances from the likes of Omar Allibhoy (Spain), Peggy Porchen (Germany), Tonia Buxton (Cyprus) Rachel Allen (Ireland), Andrew Wong (China), famous bake shop Outsider Tart (America), Levi Roots (Jamaica), Merle Moustafa (Turkey), and Manju Mali (India).

In addition to German Konditormeister, Falko Burkett, Paul also welcomes Michelin-starred chefs, Glyn Purnell, Nigel Haworth and Tom Kerridge as guests.

Credit Line

A Spungold production for BBC1, UK


Paul Hollywood


Nick Bullen & Chris Kelly



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