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Indian Summers - Series 1

8 x 60 + 2 x 90

A major drama, set against the sweeping grandeur of the Himalayas and tea plantations of Northern India and the dramatic last years of the British Empire in India...

In the “little England” of Simla reside the remains of an outdated regime, an Empire in decline against a rising tide of youthful spirit with its eyes on independence and a lust for revolution.

Two families; one British, one Indian, are drawn together and pulled apart by conflicting values, a culture of inequality and a love that cannot be. Indian Summers tells a sweeping saga, fairy-tale like stories of love, secrets, promises made and broken, and tensions that simmer in the hot, feverish days and nights of India.

Populated by freedom fighters, star-crossed lovers, political spies, artists, orphans, expats, the rich and the poor, this is a drama that weaves all of life’s idiosyncrasies amidst the breath-taking beauty of India and its people, the grandness of its palaces and aristocracy, and the wildness of its bazaars and radical youth, driving the country in to a new frontier.

While the midsummer nights are wiled away with lavish balls of feverish romances, secrets and promises, the hot summer days are charged with the machinations of a radicalised youth, determined to bring great change to the land.


"Indian Summers is not just a sumptuous period drama, it's a gripping and unpredictable thriller" - The Independent

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Credit Line

A New Pictures Production for Channel 4 and Masterpiece. With thanks to the Penang State Government and to the National Film Development Corporation, Malaysia (FINAS)


Julie Walters (Harry Potter series, Mo), Henry Lloyd Hughes (The InBetweeners), Nikesh Patel, Jemima West, Fiona Glascott, Amber Rose Revah


Executive Producers: Charlie Pattinson, Paul Rutman, Simon Curtis, Elaine Pyke; Willow Grylls; Rebecca Eaton; Co-executive Producer: Indira Varma; Producer: Dan Mcculloch


Anand Tucker (When Did You Last See Your Father?, Leap Year, Truckers), Jamie Payne, David Moore

Additional Credits

Paul Rutman, Nicole Taylor, Lisa McGee, Anna Symon

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