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You Can't Get The Staff

5 x 1 hour

Recruiting staff for the "Downton Abbey's" of today.

Sir Benjamin is looking to hire a new handyman after his last one ran off with the lady of the house.

Anna is looking for a real-life Mary Poppins to care for her three children.

And Carine… well, Carine just wants somebody to “basically do everything I do except sleep with my husband”

Meet the homeowners and hopeful housekeepers, and follow the natural drama of drawing up the shortlist before the rigorous interview process. The very different worlds of the employees and the candidates collide in the search for the best butlers, gardeners, carers and cooks there are.

From the vacancy pages of illustrious magazine, The Lady, to the gardens, kitchens and billiard rooms, this series reveals the humorous and sometimes outrageous recruitment process carried out by the well-to-do eccentrics who inhabit
some of Britain’s most magnificent homes and introduces the face of domestic service in the 21st Century.

Credit Line

Studio Lambert for Channel 4, UK


Executive Producer: Freya Sampson; Producer: Tim Whitrow

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