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Village, The - Series 2

6 x 1 hour

It’s 1923 and the village moves away from the horrors of war and into the roaring twenties. It’s “boom or bust”, the Charleston and the Black Bottom, extreme politics and bananas, the decline of the aristocracy and the rise of the middle-class. Bert is now old enough to understand and experience all these great and ominous changes, and to challenge and explore them for himself. Brilliantly written, beautifully produced and performed with great talent and imagination, The Village is drama of the highest quality.


Roma Fiction Fest 2013- Official Selection

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Village, The - Series 1

Credit Line

Company Pictures for BBC 1, UK


John Simms (the Lakes), Maxine Peake (dinnerladies), Tom Varey, Julian Sands (the Girl With The Dragon Tattoo), Juliet Stevenson, Rupert Evans


Peter Moffat, Amy Roberts, Loren Mclaughlan And Mick Collins


Executive Producer: Polly Hill, John Yorke, George Faber And Peter Moffat; Produced By: Tim Whitby


Luke Watson And Jamie Stone

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