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Nothing Trivial - Series 3

13 x 1 hour

Hit comedy-drama, Nothing Trivial, returns for a third series with the five lovelorn members of quiz team "Sex on a Stick", now experts in geography and vicious divorces, authorities on pop music and custody battles, and unbeatable at history and unattainable love. There are sure to be a few questions they still can't answer, though...

Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TV1, New Zealand


Blair Strang, Tandi Wright, Debbie Newby-ward, Shane Cortese, Nicole Whippy,


Kate McDermott, Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan


Executive Producer: Rachel Lang, Gavin Strawhan; Producer: Chris Bailey, Britta Hawkins


Murray Keane, Mike Smith, John Laing, Mark Beesley

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