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Be The Boss Canada Series 1

16 x 1 hour

If you were given a once in a lifetime chance to grab control of your future, rise through the ranks and work for yourself, would you take it?

Each episode of Be the Boss - Canada, sees two equally-deserving employees from a Canadian company, selected by their CEOs, taking part in a week-long job interview. They’re told that they’re being considered for a big promotion, with enticing pay and perks - but bosses are hiding a closely-guarded secret. The employees battle to out-perform each other and rise through the ranks - if one employee truly excels, they will be in for a life-changing surprise: they will get handed the keys to run their very own franchise, instantly making the jump from employee to business owner.

From the team behind Undercover Boss Canada, each episode delves into a different business -  a Pizza chain, a Fitness company, a Fast-food favourite, a one-stop beauty shop, a large news operator and Canada’s most popular toasted sandwich company. In each one, employees are tested physically, mentally and emotionally but amongst the blood, sweat and tears, who will be handed the keys and achieve the ultimate fantasy - to be the boss?

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Be The Boss - Format

Credit Line

Alliance Films for the W Network


Thomas Howe

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