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Animal Madhouse - Format

60 min eps

Animals have embarrassing problems too! And some owners need help in overcoming their own embarrassment to get them to the vet. With a sensitive approach to a range of creature un-comforts - will the expert vets at the Animal Madhouse be able to find a cure?

From Izzy, a 14 year old pony whose horrific skin condition has spiralled out of control and Bert, a cockatiel with a lopsided smile to Maggie Holland’s house full of horny hounds and Rueben the immobile skunk – this fascinating series investigates a range of unidentified animal afflictions, following the patients before, during and after their consultation and treatment.

Each episode also encourages responsible pet care – including neutering and running a fat camp to get to grips with pet obesity.  Potential owners have the opportunity to road test a pet – trying out a pet for one week to see if it’s right for them, and the people who are taking pet owning to the extreme are tracked down – including a woman who owns 150 tarantulas and a man with a five foot crocodile residing in his living room.

Tackling a host of issues head on and packed with education, fun and entertainment – Animal Madhouse provides essential viewing for animal lovers everywhere.  


Channel 4 UK


Increased average market share from the lead-in show by 48%

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Maverick Television for Channel 4, UK

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