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Face The Clock - Format

30 min eps

In this exciting show the longer you are in control of the game the more money you could win, but if time runs out while you are playing – you are eliminated.

In the first rounds, players face the clock to answer as many questions as they can. The more questions answered correctly, the more money they accumulate. But the contestants don’t know how long each round is and if you are playing when the round ends, you are out of the game – and Rounds can be as short as 30 seconds…The audience can see how much time there is left, but for the contestants it’s a guessing game!

Every time you answer a question correctly you can choose to play on and risk everything or pass the game to another player. Every player hopes to make the ‘Killer Pass’–eliminating an opponent and taking their money!

The last contestant left standing plays in The Final for ALL the money accumulated.

Contestants need nerves of steel in this general knowledge game of Russian roulette. Could you Face The Clock?

Face The Clock has an extensive range of interactive opportunities including online and mobile applications.


Channel 4 (UK)

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Objective Productions

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