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60 minute episodes, 100 scripts available

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Inspired by real life stories, ‘Just Help Me’ provides constructed reality drama and tension with a psychological twist.  This series gets to the heart of everyday issues and difficulties - problems that might affect anyone, from eating disorders and alcoholism to pathological jealousy.   Real life situations are exposed, the kind that can destroy lives and cause relationships to fall apart.  This show intertwines emotional drama with psychological tips and advice on how to solve the problem.

The fictional cases are brought to life using amateur actors and expert production techniques, which combines strong story lines with a ‘fly on the wall’ documentary style.

In each show an expert psychotherapist comments on the action and attempts to resolve the issue at hand, pointing out how the protagonists should handle the problem, whilst giving the viewer valuable information and advice along the way.


VOX Germany


In its 1st month of broadcast Just Help Me delivered high ratings of 11% average m/s outranking competition by commercial networks.


C21 Frapa Format Awards 2013 Finalist - Best Scripted Format

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Originally produced by Filmpool for VOX, Germany

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