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Cologne 50667 - Format

60 min episodes

New city, new friends. 

Following on from the enormous success of Day and Night,  this format was first launched first on Facebook. Incredibly, the show had over 300,000 'likes' before the show launched on television two months later in Germany where the format is a huge success for launch broadcaster RTL2.

At the beginning of the show, one of the characters from Day and Night, Meike, has moved to Cologne and met a whole new group of people at her new job - but she remains in contact with her old friends in Berlin.

Each episode follows  the turbulent lives of her new group of friends, who work together in a bar. This bar is the centre of the action and regularly features the appearances of cool singers, not only our 'star' singer from Day and Night, Ole;  but famous DJ's come along to play there too.   We have constant drama in the lives of our young protagonists, as they fall in and out of love with each other, work together and face their own personal dilemmas. Alongside this, characters frequently interact with their friends from Day and Night, sometimes visiting, texting and using Facebook and FaceTime to contact their friends.  This dynamic and surprising format offers a very authentic experience of social media in the drama of our lives. Cologne 50667 is  a fascinating and completely modern story in the constructed reality genre.




In its first month of broadcast the show increased RTL2’s average market share by 41.6%


C21 Frapa Format Awards 2013; Finalist - Best Multi-Platform Format

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Originally Produced by Filmpool for RTL2

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