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Date The Family - Format

60 min eps

It’s the most romantic tale of them all - girl meets boy, girl falls in love with boy and they set off into the sun-set for a ‘happy ever after’.  

But will it all come crashing down once she meets his folks and discovers that her handsome prince comes from a family of ill-mannered toads? What if she could filter out all the wicked witches and wizards before even meeting the prince?

Date the Family is the fun new reality dating format where the fairy tale ending really can come true, by giving one single girl the chance to vet the families of 3 potential suitors first!  It shifts the pressure of making a good first impression from the bachelor to his family.

The girl’s Mum will monitor her daughter’s ‘family dates’, watching all the action from her car and feeding her daughter advice through an ear piece.  She’s not the only one spying on the dates, our bachelors will also be watching the action.

After spending time with each family and learning as much as she can about their sons, our girl has to make her choice.  If you had to  judge a man by his family which one would you choose?



Credit Line

Originally Produced by Matar Productions.

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