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Fake Or Fortune - Series 3

3 x 1 hour


Internationally renowned art dealer turns sleuth for a third series of Fake or Fortune, exploring the darker side of the arts.

Pushing more deeply than ever before with surprising twists and turns, this series offers an unparalleled run of international rollercoaster stories. From art history to some of the latest forensic testing, this is the only series where artistic and detective skills go hand in hand.

The Fake or Fortune team delve into the work of some of the best-loved artists – from John Constable, whose popularity has made him a prime target of the forgers, to the catalogue of Vuillard.

Great storytelling, exhaustive research, state-of-the-art forensics, real-human drama and jaw-dropping revelations presented by Philip Mould also known in the art world as ‘The Master Sleuth’ and eminent journalist Fiona Bruce.

Credit Line

BBC Productions for BBC1, UK


Philip Mould
Fiona Bruce


Executive Producer: Simon Shaw
Series Producer: Robert Murphy

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