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Go Girls - Series 5

13 x 1 hour

Go Girls is a series with heart - a contemporary fairy tale about a group of friends in their 20s who decide to try and take some control over their lives in an otherwise rather random universe.

But now that Amy, Britta, Cody and Kevin have succesfully negotiated their way through the minefield of their 20s, it's time for them to move on and for us to introduce a whole new cast of characters.

Yes, that's right. We're talking about a whole new group of characters for an audience to get to know love...

Candy - this is self-absorbed, opportunistic bottle blonde has inspired an entire "I Hate Candy" Facebook page. So she vows to turn her world around - in a year's time she's going to do something shocking. She's going to be good.

Alice - the classic Chinese nerd with a flair for maths and respecting her parents has been recently dumped by her cheating boyfriend. Alice vows that now it's her turn to have some fun - in one year, everyone will know that Alice is a very bad girl...

Bennie - a hopeless optimist and warm-hearted dreamer, currently out of work - vows she's going to get a job, but not just a job, she's going to be great at something and be in charge and be the boss.

Ted - our narrator, is a likeable, down-to-earth and hardworking landscape gardener. But Ted falls madly in love with Sarah (his former art teacher from High School) and vows within the year he will will take her away from her terrible husband. Sarah will be his.

Levi - Ted's best friend and flatmate - smart, energetic, articulate and confident - is working in events management - and initially his life is pretty well perfect. But by the end of ep 2 he's jobless and disgraced. He vows revenge on the bitchy colleague who tricked him.

Get set for a big year ahead.

Credit Line

South Pacific Pictures for TV2, New Zealand.


George Mason, Jj Fong, Leon Wadham, Shara Connolly, Tai Berdinner-blades


Executive Producers: Rachel Lang And Gavin Strawhan; Producer: Britta Hawkins

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