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Midsomer Murders - Licensing

Midsomer Murders is a classic whodunit drama with an established pedigree. It has been a favourite with audiences around the world for over 15 years and is arguably Britain’s best-selling TV drama export.

The series stars Detective Chief Inspector Barnaby who - despite the apparent idyllic nature of the county with its green fields and hedgerows, thatched roofs and village fetes - is kept very busy by the murderous inhabitants and frequent mysteries to uncover.

Midsomer Murders now has its very own CLUEDO edition board game, launched in February 2016, the game follows the familiar CLUEDO format and features key cast and characters from the show including DCI John Barnaby, Sarah Barnaby and Sykes the dog. And for the first time ever, members of the public appear in a game of CLUEDO with new characters such as The Village Vicar and The Local Psychic played by Midsomer Murders fans, winners of a competition that ran on the hugely popular Midsomer Murders Facebook page.

Was it Inspector Barnaby’s wife, Sarah Barnaby, with the revolver in the Post Office at Fletcher’s Cross? Was it one of the brand new characters, with the lead pipe at Aspern Town Church? Or was it Sykes, Inspector Barnaby’s loyal pet and CLUEDO’s first canine suspect?

In the Midsomer Murders Hidden Object Game, players can enter the world of the Midsomer police force, tasked with exploring the beautiful Midsomer countryside while searching for hidden objects to help Barnaby solve murders and make arrests. 

Players can progress across the interactive map by completing cases; each with a different murder storyline similar to those used in the TV show. Players must complete a location to reveal the next part of the story.

The Hidden Object Game is currently available as:

iPad app – free to download with in-app purchases

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