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Kids With Tourette's: In Their Own Words

1 x 1 hour

It is thought that one in 100 school children are affected by Tourette’s Syndrome, a neurological condition affecting the brain and nervous system that is characterised by involuntary, random sounds and movements, known as tics - most are boys.

There is no cure, but there is hope, thanks to a  pioneering treatment programme at the world renowned leading children’s hospital Great Ormond Street. This moving documentary follows the lives of three boys and their families over a six-month period as they share the reality of living with the condition and the daily obstacles they face. This is their story, in their own words.

Kids With Tourette’s offers a  compelling insight into Tourette’s Syndrome and how it can be treated. The film makers had unprecedented access to Great Ormond Street’s Tourette’s Clinic, which deals with the most severe and complex cases in the country.

Shocking, emotional and at times humorous, Kids With Tourette’s offers an astonishing insight into an often misunderstood condition.

Credit Line

Maverick Television for ITV1, UK


Mark Downie

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