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Twintervention - Format

60 min eps

A fascinating and moving  series that follows the lives of identical twins that have unique and interconnected relationships. Because of their extreme closeness and co-dependency, some identical twins find it difficult to lead an ordinary, fulfilling life.

On Twintervention, one twin from the pair has reached out in hopes to gain the knowledge and strength necessary to confront their sibling and ask for the change they desperately desire. Our twins will have a chance to turn their life around, so they can start on a new path of self-discovery and independence.

But the real challenge is, can they go through with it? Can they take the steps towards a new life? Can they bear to be separated from their twin?


TLC/ Discovery USA


Recorded 650.000 viewers and increased the market share from the lead-in show in all key demographics!

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Zoo Productions.

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