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Village, The - Series 1

6 x 1 hour

THE VILLAGE is a family saga set in the rolling hills of the beautiful Peak District in England’s Derbyshire, through which we see the story of twentieth century history play out. The camera never leaves the village. Great historical events, change, progress, shifts in national identity are all refracted through the story of the village.

The lives of the villagers (children, school teachers, farm workers, factory owner, methodist minister, landed aristocracy) are at the heart of everything. This first series spans the early years of the First World War. One man, old Bert Middleton has lived across the entire hundred years; his life story and his voice provide the backbone for the narrative and our way into an examination of who we think we are and why. History without hindsight; the past as the present told through big, bold story-making with forensic textural detail and colour.

Present day: The series opens on Bert Middleton, the second oldest man in Britain, being interviewed by a director. A film is being made about Bert and his village; he takes us back to the long hot summer of 1914.

An epic and emotional journey.


BAFTA Awards 2014- Best Drama Series (Nomination)
BAFTA Awards 2014 - Best Actress Maxine Peake (Nomination)
BAFTA Awards 2014 - Best Supporting Actor Nico Mirallegro (Nomination)
Roma Fiction Fest 2013 - Official Selection

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Village, The - Series 2

Credit Line

Company Pictures for BBC1, UK


John Simm (dr Who, Life On Mars), Maxine Peake (silk, Criminal Justice), Bill Jones, David Ryall, Charlie Murphy, Rupert Evans, Juliette Stevenson, Emily Beecham


Peter Moffat


Executive Producers: George Faber, Charles Pattinson, John Griffin.producer: Emma Burge.


Antonia Bird

Additional Credits

Writer: Peter Moffat (Silk, Criminal Justice, Hawking)

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