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Private Investigators In Action - Format

30 or 60 min eps

Lifting the lid on the world of private investigation

Private Investigators in Action is the constructed reality success that centres on a Detective Agency and the cases they solve.  It’s a dangerous and dark world the investigators are thrust into…

Our tough Agency boss and his team take on the cases that the police cannot or will not – and they don’t stop until they’ve caught their culprit.  Each episode sees our intrepid investigators tackling two different cases that have been brought to them by people desperate for help.  Someone’s son has disappeared; a former partner is refusing to pay child maintenance; a business is being repeatedly targeted by thieves; a young woman is being harassed: can our Detectives come to the rescue? 

Employing the latest surveillance gadgets and techniques, the action-packed investigations lift the lid on the worlds of both the criminal and the detectives, and promise suspense, unexpected twists and spectacular arrests.

Inspired by real life events, the carefully scripted shows use amateur actors and a sophisticated yet economic production system.


RTL Germany


Consistently delivers higher ratings than RTL2's average market share and increases performance across episodes

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Produced by Filmpool for RTL, Germany

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