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Gok's Teens: The Naked Truth - Format

60 min eps

Britain’s teenagers are undergoing a crisis in body confidence. 

87% of teenage girls and 80% of teenage boys are unhappy with their appearance. A third want to lose weight and a quarter have considered plastic surgery.

If we’re to stop them passing on their unhappiness and anxiety to their kids, something needs to be done NOW.

With his 45,000-signature petition to put body-confidence lessons on the National Curriculum, GOK WAN has already demonstrated he can galvanise the nation to support helping our teens achieve a healthy self-image.

Now, Gok’s going to put his campaign into action with young people across Britain.

In each of four episodes, he’ll meet a different group of teenagers for whom body-confidence is an especially urgent issue.

Using techniques perfected in How To Look Good Naked, along with new transformative stunts especially tailored for teens, Gok, an established trailblazer for acceptance, will tackle these issues head on to turn these contributors from self-loathing adolescents into self-assured, empowered young adults.

It will be Gok’s greatest challenge yet. Teenagers feel vulnerable, exposed to their peers, not really knowing where they’re heading in life. They want both to fit in and yet still express their individuality. Can Gok find ways to make our teens feel unique and accepted at the same time?

Format owned by Maverick Television


Channel 4 (UK)


Recorded over 1 million viewers per episode! Increased Channel 4's average share in the age group 16-24 by over 13%

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Maverick Television for Channel 4, UK

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