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My Naked Secret - Series 2

12 x 1/2 hour

‘My Naked Secret’ is a series of 12 medical feature shows about people with hidden body issues which are ruining their lives.  Each episode features a different contributor who has a medical condition or physical abnormality which is causing them untold misery. Their shame is so extreme that they go to great lengths to hide their body from the world, and from the people closest to them. Many of them have given up hope of ever finding a cure, or feeling better about themselves.

The types of conditions we cover are excess facial hair on a woman, asymmetrical breasts, botched cosmetic surgery, excess skin and extreme psoriasis.

Each contributor goes on a dual psychological and physical journey. With the help of on screen psychotherapist, Dr Linda Papadopoulos, they learn to piece back together their shattered confidence and finally reveal their secret to loved ones. They also embark on surgery or a new treatment for their condition in a bid to finally have a body they love.  But will it all be worth it?

Credit Line

Mavierick Television for Discovery

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