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You Deserve This House - Format

60 min eps

‘You Deserve This House’ is the ultimate feel-good makeover show that promises spectacular transformations, inspirational stories and a tear-filled climax as our homeowner is overwhelmed by both a surprise reunion and a home renovation.

Take one amazing individual or couple who has spent all their time and efforts helping others.  They could be foster parents who have turned around the lives of underprivileged children or a charity worker who spends all their time working for others.  With no time to devote to themselves their house is in serious need of a makeover – it’s falling apart and hasn’t seen a coat of paint or an update in years.

Our unsuspecting heroes are surprised by our presenter who reveals they have won a weekend spa break after being nominated by a friend for all their good deeds.  But that’s only the beginning…

Whilst they are away being pampered the presenter brings in an army of volunteers to make over their home in a matter of hours.  This army is made up of all the people our homeowner has helped over the years – a chance to say a huge heartfelt ‘thank you’ and give something back to the person who has had such a positive impact on their lives. 

‘You Deserve This House’: smiles all around and a beautifully transformed home!


Channel 4 (UK)

Credit Line

Originally produced by Crackit Productions for Channel 4, UK

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