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Have You Got The Balls? - Format

60 min eps

‘Have You Got The Balls’ is the dynamic studio quiz show that sees contestants and viewers at home hoping they have the balls to win a huge cash prize.

The show revolves around 50 balls, numbered 1 – 50, displayed on a large screen in the studio.

Three contestants battle it out over four quick-paced general knowledge rounds to try and win as many of these balls as possible. For every correct answer they win a ball and increase their cash score.

After ‘first on the buzzer’ and ‘solo’ rounds against the clock, the stakes are raised in Round Three as questions can be worth several balls, and in Round Four contestants ‘steal’ balls from one another, meaning fortunes can dramatically rise and fall.

The show culminates with the draw of balls from The Ball Selector. The winner of the huge cash prize is the first contestant to match three of the balls drawn with the balls they have accumulated – so the more balls a contestant wins over the rounds, the more likely a match. a final twist in this game of knowledge and luck, in order to be in with a chance of winning the jackpot, contestants must gamble the money they have won throughout the rounds. Who will play it safe and bank their money and who will have the balls to risk it all on the luck of the draw?


Hanoi TV (Vietnam)
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