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Jennifer Saunders: Back In The Saddle

2 x 1 hour

‘Saunders in the Saddle’ is a hilarious romp through the world of the British upper-middle classes.

The horses themselves are bit part players. Jennifer roots out the eccentric characters who inhabit the horsey landscape. She will live with them through the trials and tribulations of fetlock and rosette in the eventing calendar. Jennifer wants the audience to laugh with her and at her. She of course knows how inherently funny this world is, she built whole characters around them. But, she’s also part of the
world,and is embarrassed by how DESPERATE she is to meet the big players in it.

The thought of talking to ‘Piggy’ French about jumping is for her the equivalent to a 12 year old meeting Justin Bieber. The film encompasses class,
comedy and insight into the real Jennifer Saunders.

In 2012, team GB stand the best chance of a gold in one particular event. It’s got drama, a royal romance, and let’s face it – really good outfits. That event is eventing – and it was very big in the 70s and 80s.

And our love affair with horse and rider is about to be rekindled. Eventing’s coming home (to Greenwich), as team GB battle to bring home Olympic Gold...

Zara Phillips will be following in her Mother’s footsteps, like a tongue-pierced ‘National Velvet’. Wouldn’t it be brilliant if we understood what this world involves, the characters who populate it, and what on earth it is that they are doing...

Step forward Jennifer Saunders. The UK show-jumping Ambassador (yes) is on a mission to reconnect our love of eventing.

Credit Line

Spun Gold TV for ITV1, UK


Jennifer Saunders


Matt Drury


Will Yapp



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