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Britain From Above - Format

60 min eps

A country looks very different from the skies...

The way a country works is revealed from above in a uniquely compelling way; like a machine - with its cogs and wheels in permanent motion - or like a living animal with blood coursing through its veins and arteries.

Britain From Above is a format with a unique point-of-view, taking to the skies in crisp, dynamic, extraordinary detail to reveal the day-to-day workings and interconnections of a country.

We can see how what happens in one place has unexpected repurcussions in another, how millions of people move around a city, and how individual people’s lives fit into the bigger picture. It can reveal how a country is changing; connecting to the past and predict how it’s likely to change in the future.

From man-made cities, natural landscapes, coastlines, transportation, industry and infastructure, Britain From Above tells the story of a nation, offering the opportunity to explore a range of different subjects.




Delivered solid ratings increasing the channel’s average share in the timeslot by 16% !

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Lion Television

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