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Big Families - Format

60 min eps

Most people feel that their families are complete after they have had a couple of babies, some will try for a third and a small (but brave) minority may even go for a fourth or fifth. In this series, we will meet eight of the biggest families in the UK to find out what it is like to raise 10 or more children.

The fights, the rewards, the love and the frustration that go hand in hand with having a family will be seen here, multiplied and laid bare. Is every sibling interaction a struggle for dominance and parental attention, or in the case of families is bigger really better?

Family holidays, weddings, births, domestic life, and rights of passage are important events in the life of any family, but what are they like when you have more children than you can count on two hands?


Channel 4 (UK)

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Originally Produced by Lion Television

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