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‘Absolute Zero’ is the thrilling interactive quiz show devised with full viewer participation around a brilliantly simple premise – the answer to every question is a number. And to be a winner you want to score zero!

Five contestants battle it out across four rounds for the chance to win a big prize. Each round is based on a different category and in Round 1 all the answers are single digit numbers. Answer correctly and you score zero but get the answer wrong and you’ll score penalty points.

So, if you think that a cube has 8 sides – and not 6 – you score 2 penalty points.    

At the end of each round the two contestants with the highest scores go head to head in a bid to stay in the game, and this time being both the closest and the fastest counts.

The game gets tougher each round as the numbers get bigger – and the bigger the answer the greater the chance of yet more penalty points and moving further away from zero.

The exhilarating end game sees our finalist answer four questions increasing in number – but they must stay as close to absolute zero as they can in order to win the jackpot.

Absolute Zero has a range of online and mobile play-along plus stand-alone applications.


Channel 4 UK

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Objective Productions

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