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Usa Swat

Texas SWAT: 13 eps SWAT USA : 16 eps - second series When the public are in trouble – they call the police, when the police are in trouble – they call in S.W.A.T… America’s “Special Weapons and Tactics” Teams are world famous – and this series delves deep into the action packed lives of the units. This is the first time anyone has been given full access to the teams 24/7, and the fact that this person is acclaimed war cameraman Jeff Chagrin gives an indication of how tough the S.W.A.T. job is. Jeff experiences the real life of these ordinary men doing extraordinary jobs - living with them, training with them, and joining them at work, which can entail anything from high risk arrests and hostage situations to drug busts and shoot outs. Achieved top ratings at its launch on Court TV, USA.

Credit Line

A Lion Television Production for Court TV USA




Nick Catliff


Jeff Chagrin

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