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World Series Of Dating - Format

60 min eps

‘World Series of Dating’ (WSOD) is an hilarious mix of reality and scripted comedy.

 In WSOD, dating is a competitive sport, bringing with it all the associated sporting conventions – over the top referees, commentators, analysis and graphics.

The premise is that WSOD has been running for many years in the USA and is now making its debut overseas. The action takes place in ‘The Date Zone’, a sporting arena dedicated to dating.

Four gorgeous single ladies enter the arena in a bid to find their real-life Romeo. As they sit down to enjoy a three course meal, a succession of potential suitors will try and woo them. The longer a guy lasts, the more points he scores. However, if a guy’s dating skills fail to impress, the girl can simply hit her buzzer and call on the referee to boot him off and bring out a new contender.

These single girls and guys are all real members of the public and genuinely looking for love. The action that unfolds, however, is given the sporting treatment. Cue slow-motion action replays and humorous commentary from our fictitious commentators; the legendary WSOD USA Champion Dater and the disgruntled novice sports reporter whose sights are set on higher things.




Launched on 26 March 2012, increased the channel's share in the age group 16-24 by over 12%

Credit Line

Originally produced by Lion Television for BBC3, UK

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