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Drop Down Menu - Format

60 min eps

‘Drop Down Menu’ is the fast-paced cookery format where the studio audience decides what’s on the menu…

Our two presenters are joined in the studio kitchen by two renowned chefs and a celebrity guest with a passion for food.

The first choice the studio audience faces is which dish they should vote for from the ‘drop down menu’. All three have been created by one of the chefs to reflect different aspects of the celebrity’s life and career but only one will be cooked by them.

Our team is then introduced to an ‘unsung food hero’ – from a rare-breed pig farmer to a professional forager. After seeing a beautifully-shot item about them at work, our other chef proposes three dishes featuring their produce – which one will the audience opt for?

After dipping into the archives for some classic cooking moments, the show culminates with the high-energy ‘tag team cuisine’. The audience selects a dish to be prepared against the clock by the team. One member of the team begins but every time the gong sounds a different member must take over. Amidst all the mayhem will the team deliver the dish on time and will it be edible?!
The format offers various interactive opportunities: viewers at home are encouraged to join in with the live show, with questions and comments via twitter being addressed by the presenters.


Channel 4 (UK)

Credit Line

Cactus Television for Channel 4 (UK)



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