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Secret Removers - Series 1

20 x 1 hour

In Secret Removers we find a couple who are about to move house and throw a spanner in the works… along with a few other tools, a lick of paint and an interior designer!

One half of the couple informs their partner that their planned move has been delayed and they are both sent away for a night under this pretence. That’s when the Secret Removers move in! While the couple are away, not only is the entire move completed for them but the new house is given a makeover as well, ready for the new owner’s arrival.

Using hidden cameras we find out what the unsuspecting spouse really wants from their new house, and we watch them arrive at their new property to be greeted by all their belongings and more. But the interior designer may not have brought everything with them, leaving behind any objects or furniture that do not suit the new design or their understanding of the couple’s lifestyle. And all in just 48 hours!

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Secret Removers - Format

Credit Line

Objective Productions for Channel 4, UK

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