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Night Taxi - Format

40 min eps

The reality format where the taxi cab becomes a window to the world - a window to people, their joys, their hopes, their suffering and fears. The award-winning 'Taxi' is back and this time it's taking fares after dark.

Everyone's got one good story and we hear it in this unique cab ride.

Ordinary people enter a taxi-cab, unaware that viewers are joining them for the ride. Our driver host invites the passengers to share their story - and cameras record these candid moments.

The variety of passengers and their moods are, of course, vast ; old and young, inspirational or outrageous, hilarious or touching, amorous or depressed. Some are going to work - an emergency worker might discuss their nightshift - others are coming home or going out to a late-night party. For lovers and siblings alike - the taxi offers an anonymity where conversations become startlingly revealing.
Passengers are aware that this is no ordinary cab ride at the start of the journey – and numerous journeys can be filmed in one night so this is a cost efficient production opportunity.

'Night Taxi' is the exciting evolution of the Montreux Rose D'Or-winning and Emmy-nominated format 'Taxi'.

NIGHT TAXI – it’s an emotional journey…




Launch programme increased the broadcaster's average market share by 23%

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Originally Produced by IDTV.

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