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Playing It Straight - Format

60 min eps

One beautiful single girl and 11 potential suitors arrive in a glorious destination to compete in the show, ‘Dream Date’, but there is more to the show than meets the eye...

On arrival some of our contestants are shocked with the revelation that the show is in fact called ‘Playing It Straight’ and while all the guys may be good looking, attentive, sensitive and unattached, only some of them are straight.

The gay guys in the group have been in on the secret from the start but they too must act surprised, as they must also try to win our girl’s heart…but for very different reasons.

Over the following weeks our leading lady will eliminate potential partners through a series of fun challenges based around male stereotypes until she ends up with her ‘dream man’.

If she chooses a straight guy then the big cash prize will be split 50/50 between them but if she’s fooled into picking one of the gay guys he will walk away with all the cash and she will go home both broken-hearted and broke…

In the age of the ‘metrosexual’, will our leading lady be able to tell who’s straight and who’s just Playing it Straight? And for that matter, will we?

Various multi-platform opportunities, including online and smartphone ‘Playing It Straight Predictor’.


E4 (UK)


The National Reality Awards Nomination
Best Social Experiment

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Lion Television

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