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Nothing Trivial - Format

60 min eps

Doesn't anyone know the answer?

Nothing Trivial is a warm and light-hearted romantic drama. Five very different, interesting and attractive characters with one thing in common – they are all unhappy or unlucky in love. Questions about life, love and the pursuit of happiness are all revealed as the protagonists answer their weekly pub trivia questions. A series about broken hearts, second chances and starting over at 40 and beyond…

It’s about winners and losers, set around the noble and useless sport of pub trivia. Mac, Catherine, Michelle, Brian and Emma are all thirty and forty-something who have already been around the block; but aren’t old enough, satisfied enough, or wealthy enough to retire and give up. For a few hours every Tuesday night they can create some order in their chaotic lives by answering some strange or silly questions – and maybe even getting some right.

Maybe, just maybe, their team has something to offer – something more than trivial. Maybe the real answers are friendship and love.


TVOne (New Zealand)

Credit Line

Originally produced by South Pacific Pictures for TVOne, New Zealand

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