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I Am Alex Reid

2 x 1 hour

This intimate two-part celebrity profile offers exclusive access to the mind of Alex Reid, the cage-fighting, cross-dressing, Celebrity Big Brother-winning husband of a celebrity "IT" girl.

I Am Alex Reid takes the best of the celebrity access doc genre and adds a stylised intimate interview set-up to create a crisp, clean and simple portrait of Alex Reid through his own eyes, and in his own words.

We join Alex as he enters a phase of his life where he must take stock and decide on his future. At 35, his best cage-fighting days are probably over, but the incredible publicity that he has had over the last 12 months means that he has offers to consider and career options to ponder.

I Am Alex Reid concentrates on Alex’s own life, his family, his background, his rules, his weaknesses and his hopes and dreams. In interview, he reveals his romantic ideals in life, which will contrast with the relative normality of his day-to-day life in between adrenalin-pumping, paparazzi-plagued public appearances.

Alex still sleeps round at his mum and dad’s house when his wife is away, his brother Rupert is looking after Alex’s business opportunities, and the portrait will build of a man who still very much has his roots firmly bedded with his family and the family home.

But while his past provides him with comfort and security, it’s his present and future that are concerning him now. Will he get back into the cage and fight again? What business opportunities should he take seriously and which should he ditch?

Pricey Media for Sky Living, UK

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Alex Reid


Executive Producers: Jane Robinson & Mark Wagman, Series Producer: Jake Attwell

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