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Fresh Meat - Format

45 min eps

The perils and joys of house sharing and tutors in those first university years - a painfully amusing drama of self-discovery and errors of judgement, set on the brink of adult life.

Awkward moments and dreaded silences, frequent reinventions, appalling behaviour and, for some, a preoccupation with copulation.

Fresh Meat follows six fresher students, away from home for the first time. From awkward moments and dreaded silences, to frequent reinventions and appalling behaviour they are about to discover who they really are. Melissa - terrified of being boring; Kingsley - a wit but also a virgin; Howard - a misfit with a heart of gold; JP - the worst yet most loyal man in the world; Josie – the eternal student and control freak and Vod – an idealist yet a manipulative bully. How on earth will they cope with student life…?

From acclaimed satirical and comedy writers Bain & Armstrong (Peep Show, Thick of It) comes this  new drama for Channel 4.


Channel 4 (UK)


BAFTA TV Awards 2012- Best Sit-Com nomination
BAFTA Craft Awards 2012 - Breakthrough Talent nomination
Funniest TV Show - Loaded LAFTAS 2012
Best TV Show - NME Awards 2012
Best Scripted Comedy - RTS Awards 2012
Best Comedy Writer - Sam Bain & Jesse Armstrong
Jack Whitehall - King of Comedy - British Comedy Awards 2013
British Comedy Awards 2011
Best Comedy - Televisuual Bulldog Awards 2014

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Objective Productions

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