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Outlaw Empires

6 x 1 hour

 Showrunner Kurt Sutter, the creator of hit scripted drama Sons of Anarchy and Executive Producer of the The Shield has partnered with Studio Lambert to bring his wildly popular, gritty story telling to factual entertainment in the new series, OUTLAW EMPIRES.  For the first time ever in this highly charged and riveting program, the history and exploits of America’s iconic outlaw organizations will be revealed by the criminals themselves.  After years of “changing names to protect the innocent,” Sutter invites viewers on a ‘backstage tour’ of the nation’s most powerful and notorious syndicates to reveal how they were born, flourished, wreaked havoc, and where they stand today.

Presented in a stunning and visually arresting manner – from graphically treated never-before-seen archival stills and footage to high-end re-enactments and no-holds-barred interviews with only key players from within the gangs themselves – the viewer will gain insight into the criminal’s motivations unlike any documentary has ever done before.  Why did they become reputed outlaws?  What drew them into a life of crime?  What crucial choices did they make from which there was no point of return? 

Each episode of OUTLAW EMPIRES will feature in depth interviews with real members who rose to the highest levels inside the gangs (such as America’s Outlaw Bikers; Boston’s ruthless Irish Mob; New York’s Gambino mafia family; the Los Angeles Crips; the Aryan Brotherhood).  Personal stories from hardened gang soldiers will be revealed for the first time and intertwine with and parallel the history of the iconic American outlaw dynasties they helped to shape.   The rise and fall and ongoing operations of each empire will finally be revealed – not by the typical cops, journalists or “experts” – but by those that lived through it, un-sensationalized, brutally honest, and absolutely fascinating.


Credit Line

Studio Lambert for Discovery, USA


Stephen Lambert, Eli Holzman, Kurt Sutter, Phil Lott

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