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Bizarre Crime

8 x 1/2 hour

Bizarre Crime is an 8 part primetime series looking at Britain’s strangest and stupidest crimes, produced by Maverick Television.

In each episode we see three stories of truly dumb criminal escapades by interviewing all the key protagonists – the victims, the witnesses, the cops and even the criminals themselves (provided they’re not in prison). The crimes are ‘reconstructed’ in a light-hearted, playful fashion using specially-commissioned animations and children’s toys.

Our first series features, amongst others: a hungry burglar caught by the DNA from the saliva he left behind as he snacked on French Fries whilst burgling a house, a cross-dressing male robber who broke into a sex-shop to steal a sexy French Maid’s outfit and the idiot who robbed a shop selling CC-TV equipment, whose crime was recorded on over fifty separate cameras.

Interspersed with our main stories are three other fun strands. In Police Confessionals veteran cops who’ve seen it all share the strangest stories they’ve ever witnessed – such as the girl arrested for stealing large quantities of L’Oreal products from a hairdressers. When asked by the arresting officer why she did it, she answered “Because I’m worth it”.

We’ve trawled the internet for the world’s funniest clips of dumb criminality ever captured on camera, in As Seen On CC-TV. Each episode of Bizarre Crime features three of the best.

And in Criminal Countdowns, carefully researched packages exploring, in our trademark animated style, the world’s most ridiculous crimes, we reel off everything from the most absurd ‘weapons’ ever used in a hold-up (the list includes a palm-frond, a vibrator and a courgette, in case you’re wondering) to the most unfortunate things left behind at the scene of a crime - such as the British felon who left his own dog at the house he’d just burgled. The police simply slipped a collar round the mutt’s neck and it led them straight to the criminal’s home, where he was promptly arrested.

Informative, entertaining and downright daft. Bizarre Crime is the show so funny; it ought to be locked up!

Credit Line

Maverick TV for BBC Three, UK


Mark Downie

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