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Ultimate Force - Format

60 min eps

Muscular, unyeilding action drama

The series is based around the activities of Sergeant Henno Garvie and his elite SAS Red Troop. Henno is a tough and charismatic sergeant - single-minded, committed and brave; he is the consummate SAS soldier. Even his superiors defer to his authority. Henno’s troop is second to none and each member has to prove their worth. The challenges that await the Red Troop are unpredictable and always dangerous - there is never a guarantee for their survival. From infiltrating guerrilla activities and terrorist hijacks, to out-witting mastermind criminals and rebel leaders – the team put their lives on the line in the name of their elite fighting regiment.




Fourth series more than doubled average market share compared to channel's average in males 4+

Credit Line

Originally produced by Bentley Productions for ITV, UK

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