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My Naked Secret- Format

30 min eps

This emotional series follows the progress of some extraordinary individuals who are all hiding an embarrassing secret about their body which is stopping them from being happy.

In each episode we meet someone with a distressing condition, who is about to embark on a transformative journey.  A woman with extreme facial hair who shaves every day so her husband and children won’t know, or a 19 year old who keeps their body permanently covered with layers of clothes so their disfiguring eczema will never be revealed.

The process starts in the My Naked Secret Studio where the problem is revealed. 

With the help of a psychotherapist the contributors work on healing their emotional scars first.

With their inner demons managed, our contributors are strong enough to undergo some life-changing and occasionally extraordinary surgery with their families by their side as the scars begin to heal.

With their emotional and physical health dramatically improved, contributors return to the My Naked Secret studio and reveal that both their body and life have been transformed!


TLC (America)

Credit Line

Originally produced by Maverick Television.

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