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Day The Government Left, The - Format

60 min episodes

How easy is it to run a community?

An unforgettable experiment where a community has to live without a government, services, rules or taxes.

Most communities pay tax to the government in return for essential services. But what would happen if these services were withdrawn?

In this ground-breaking format, communities are challenged to keep normal life going for six weeks, while the authorities and their service providers leave the neighborhood to fend for themselves.

But as street lights are cut, rubbish collection disappears, libraries and health centres are closed, how will the residents cope? 

As the community is forced to face tough decisions, tensions and arguments will mount, but new friendships and community will also blossom. At the end of the experiment, how will they feel about the street they live in?


UK (BBC1) Denmark (DR)


12.2% share - UK, 30% share average - Denmark

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Originally produced by North One Television for the BBC, UK.

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