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Be The Boss - Format

60 min eps

Fed up with someone else calling the shots?  Tired of the daily grind for little recognition or reward?

The chance to change all that is here from the makers of Undercover Boss

In Be the Boss, employees are rewarded with their ultimate dream – becoming their own boss.

Each week, the CEO of a large franchising company selects two deserving front-line employees to go head to head for the opportunity of a lifetime.  The employees believe they’re competing for promotion to management – but in reality it’s for the keys to their very own franchise.

Our employees face a series of challenges across all areas of the business – from hard manual graft to the hard decision of having to fire someone…  At the end of this emotional and inspiring journey, one employee is stunned to learn they are being awarded a franchise. 

Be the Boss: Everyone’s professional fantasy


A&E Networks


C21 Frapa Format Awards 2013; Winner - Best Brand-Driven Format

Credit Line

Originally Produced by Studio Lambert

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