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Safe Breakers - Format

60 min eps

Safe Breakers is an action-packed competition format that sees two teams battle it out in a contest of engineering ingenuity and nerves of steel.

In each episode a safe full of cash is placed in an almost inaccessible location-clinging to a rock race or floating in the middle of a lake.

Teams of competing madcap mechanics and eccentric engineers are challenged to design and build a unique machine.  Whether it’s an amphibious machine racing across land and water or a tank fighting its way over an assault course, the machines must be able to conquer the week’s hostile terrain.

 3 digits that make up the combination to the safe are placed around the course.  The team that collects all 3 numbers and completes the course in the fastest time will win the chance to crack the safe.

In a nail biting finale, the winning team must beat the clock, racing to the safe for their one chance to break the code and claim the cash but if the seconds run out, they’ll be heading home empty handed.

Format owned by Meverick Television


SKY 1 (UK)


Market share increased by 23% from the first episode to the last episode to date

Credit Line

Originally produced by Maverick Television.

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